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This event is sponsored by your CGPAC (Carson Graham Parent Advisory Council)

A few years back, your CGPAC brought in Brittany Palmer to deliver her “Unlock Your Future” presentation. This presentation is the heart of a comprehensive step-by-step program for navigating the scholarship process.

Why Britney Palmer?

During her 12th grade year, Brittany won 16 scholarships totalling over $56,000; $36,500 of which applied directly to her post-secondary education. In June 2009, Brittany graduated debt-free from Simon Fraser University with her Bachelor of Arts in Communication… and now she is back to take you through a 70-minute journey on how your child should prepare, engage, plan and have their best chance at securing a scholarship.

This free online-seminar will be an interactive 50-60 minutes with a dedicated question and answer session at the end of the presentation. Here is a sampling of topics Britney will cover:

  • Scholarships, bursaries and awards: definitions and differences
  • How to conquer common scholarship fears
  • Entrance versus external scholarships
  • Major themes: qualities committees look for in a scholarship candidate
  • Early planning strategies for younger students
  • Step by step program for navigating the scholarship process
  • How to build your scholarship foundation
  • Time management
  • Where to find scholarships
  • … and much, much more.

Join us at this free online event on Wednesday, February 10th at 7:00 PM

Register to attend at this link:
Please note that this event will not be recorded.

Your 2020/2021 CGPAC Executive Committee:
Rene, Farhad, Lucy, Nadine, Sebastian, Genevieve, and Will