District PAC (DPAC) Representative
Executive Committee


An ideal DPAC Representative is someone who may like organizing at a company or maybe has a passion for knowing a little of everything — although that is not required. To be successful in this role you must, however, have an understanding of basic organizational structures.

Alternatively, the role can be split so one person would attend the CGPAC meetings and the other would attend the DPAC meeting. Between the two of you, you would coordinate how to present the DPAC info to the CGPAC Executive Committee. 

The regular monthly responsibilities, duties, and commitments:
• The PAC executive meets once a month on the first Monday of each month (except on holidays). The duration of the meeting is approximately 1:30 minutes.
• The CGPAC has up to 5 general meetings including the AGM.
• The DPAC representative also attends NVPAC general meetings, which occur approximately six times a year, and then reports back to the school PAC.
    • The NVPAC is the District PAC for the North Vancouver School District.
    • NVPAC acts as a volunteer liaison between PACs, parents and the School District and represents the parent perspective with respect to broader educational matters at the district level.

Who is the ideal person to become a DPAC representative:
• Someone who is interested in being involved not only at the school, but also at the District level, to help shape decision-making that will affect the students of all North Vancouver schools.
• The ideal person would have some knowledge of how Carson Graham functions, what the needs are locally, and would stay informed of what is discussed at the PAC meetings, even if occasionally not able to attend in person due to DPAC and PAC scheduling conflicts.
• Someone that would like to be "in the loop" of what the staff and parents are doing to provide an enhanced school experience to our children.
• Experience with Microsoft Word & Excel is a plus (or Google Sheets, etc.)
• You should have access to a personal computer where files can be kept electronically in case it is necessary.

For more details and a deeper definition of this role, view or download this PDF.

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