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This is for the PAC General Fund that we can use for funding items that are not within the restricted "Gaming Grant" (from the Provincial Government) or the "Trust" where we hold funds that have been given by individuals.

The months leading up to the Holidays are the best time as people start preparing for the merry season, they’re likelier to stock up on gift cards, a present of choice loved by everyone. So if you want cards for your holiday gifting season, it is highly recommended that you order before December 6th.

This fundraiser is called "Fundscrip" and it works as follows...

It is as simple as spending money at many of the places you already are shopping e.g. Loblaws, Canadian Tire, Starbucks, Rona, and many, many more. (See a partial list and the percentages that the CGPAC earns below.)

Essentially, you buy a "gift card" for the amount that you want and you get 100% of the gift card value. All the while, Carson Graham PAC gets a donation through your gift card purchase. The bottom line is that you can support the PAC while not directly donating to the PAC or spending more than you would already spend at the places you already shop!

Sign up to support our PAC at ... or you can always write to our Fundraising Coordinator, Sabrin Alzabidi, at

You can use your card at many stores that you already shop at, such as:

  • WINNERS: Physical Cards 8%
  • HomeSense: Physical Cards & Online at Home Sense 8%
  • Marshalls: Physical Cards & Online at Marshall's 8%
  • Gap: Physical Cards & Online at the Gap 9%
  • Old Navy: Physical Cards & Online at Old Navy 9%
  • Banana Republic: Physical Cards & Online at the Banana Republic 9%
  • Roots: Physical Cards & Online at Roots 15%
  • RONA: Physical Cards & Online at RONA 5%
  • Lowe's: Physical Cards & Online at Lowe's 5%
  • Build-A-Bear Workshop: Physical Cards & Online at Build-A-Bear Workshop 9%
  • Staples: Physical Cards & Online at Staples 4%
  • Boston Pizza: Physical Cards 10%
  • ... and more!!

All these rates are for November 1 to December 31 before 9:30 AM ET