The Secretary
Executive Committee


The Secretary takes notes at the meetings (executive meetings, general meetings, and the AGM). The secretary transcribes the notes into minutes. Then the meeting minutes are circulated amongst the Executive Committee and once approved, they are posted on the website by the Communications Chair.

The regular monthly responsibilities, duties, and commitments:
• The executive meets once a month on the first Monday of each month (except on holidays).
• The duration of the meeting is approximately 1:30 minutes. Transcription of the minutes takes about 30 minutes.
• The CGPAC has up to 5 general meetings including the AGM. These meetings take about 1 hour and transcription of the minutes takes about 30 minutes.
• The Secretary assists the Chair in preparing the Agenda for both, the executive and general meetings. The process of preparing agendas takes 20 to 90 minutes
• The Secretary communicates with the rest of the executive via email regarding updates and some funding requests discussions by email. Overall 15 to 30 minutes a week.

Who is the ideal person to become a Secretary:
• The ideal person is someone that would like to be "in the loop" of what the staff and parents are doing to provide an enhanced school experience to our children.
• Experience with Microsoft Word or Google Docs is a must for this role.
• Access to a personal computer is vital. This provides a place where files can be kept electronically in case it is necessary.

For more details and a deeper definition of this role, view or download this PDF.

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