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The 2019 Carson Graham Scholarship Application is to be completed by students who have excelled in academic courses, extracurricular accomplishments, and/or Service.  The information in this application will be used to determine recipients of scholarships and bursaries administered by the Carson Graham Scholarship Committee. 

The application is comprised of two parts.  Both parts of the application must be completed:

(A) Online Form:

(B) Written Application Package: Scholarship Application 2019.docx

The Carson Graham Scholarship Application Package includes:

1.  Application Form - includes summary of volunteer, extra-curricular activities & District/Authority Award info.

2.  Current photo

3.  Letter of Application 

This letter may expand on the information provided in the application form, outline your interests and hobbies, summarize positions and offices held in the school, youth and community organizations, or indicate your future educational plans.


4.  Letter of Bursary Application (This is an additional letter for those who have financial need and would like to be considered for a Bursary.) 

Bursary awards include financial need as important criteria.  Applicants for bursaries must provide information supporting the significant need for financial assistance.  Please supply in detail the information you consider relevant in formal letter format.  You may wish to include information on current living situation, family finances, and information on personal needs for next year and expectations of how you will finance your future.  This information will be kept confidential within the committee.

Application Deadline: 3:15 P.M., Thursday February 14, 2019

See Ms Thornhill, Ms Marshall, or Ms Wong with any questions regarding the application.  
Return completed applications to Ms. Wong's office by the deadline.

No late or incomplete applications will be accepted.

For more information please go to the Carson Graham Scholarship page.