The PAC is all about giving back to the school community.  Hence, all of the awards are to recognize students that have contributed to the school community. 

It recognizes that there are various levels of achievement and, as such, hopes that students from a broad spectrum would/could be eligible.  It also recognizes the maintenance of academic achievement.We also want to recognize individuals who have excelled in school leadership and contribute but may not have achieved a high academic record for any number of reasons. 

These awards are intended to support post-secondary education and therefore are only payable upon proof of registration at a post-secondary institution.  The recipient has 18 months to have the award fulfilled (covers 2 academic years), after which the award expires. 

Awards Category One:  5 x $1,250 STEAM Scholarship Awards 

Recipients have a demonstrable leadership and passion in supporting school-based activities while maintaining a high academic standard in one of the following:   

1. Science – 1 award
2. Math – 1 award
3. Technology or Engineering (all of the various technology or engineering courses, such as foods, textiles, woodwork, etc) – 1 award
4. Fine Arts – Visual (arts), Performance (music, dance, drama), Digital Arts, etc     
5. Humanities – languages, history, geography, and the like

All Recipients must have:          

1.     Exemplary ongoing history of School Community Service since being at Carson
2.     30+ hours of school-based service
3.     Excelled in one of the above 5 categories in which the candidate receives the award
4.     Have maintained ≥=86% overall average 

Awards Category Two: 2 x $750 PAC School Spirit Scholarship Awards 

A non-academic award that recognizes recipients that contributed the most to building and supporting school spirit over the course of their attendance at Carson and who have demonstrable leadership and passion:            

1.     in supporting and contributing to school-based activities.
2.     in supporting and/or participating in school sports (e.g. could be a team manager, student coach, athlete or supporter, etc). (This is not a personal achievement award in sports – e.g. most goals, valuable player, etc).

Awards Category Three: 1 x $750 Rob Watson Inspiration Award

This award is to be awarded to a student who embodies the passion and dedication to their community as demonstrated by Rob Watson.  This wonderful teacher was an inspiration and mentor to teachers, students and parents at Carson Graham.  This award was created in 2018 after his sudden passing.