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We Need You!

As a parent or guardian that has a child enrolled at Carson Graham Secondary, you are already a PAC Member; did you know that your participation in the CGPAC of 1-2 hours/month for a few months of the school year can make a difference in the lives of all our students. When the nest is strong, everyone flies!

The purpose of the Carson Graham Parent Advisory Council (CGPAC) is to represent students' parents and guardians by working with administration and staff to build school spirit, support students and build the Carson Graham community. 

This year we have several roles that need to be filled, "Secretary", "District PAC Representative (DPAC Rep)" and "Members-at-Large" or "MaLs". All roles are volunteer we have a great team that we would like you to be involved with.

We've Made Communicating Easy!

If you need to communicate with the CGPAC Executive Committee at any time, I suggest you join Carson Graham PAC's Facebook Group where you are encouraged to share your insight, knowledge and support with other parents in a forum-type setting. In the FB Group, you can post on the timeline or send a PM to any group member, or if you are looking to ask about the CGPAC stuff, you can always email