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Carson PAC Samosas & More fundraiser Nov 2nd – 16th!!

If you are involved with Carson's music program you had the chance to get Samosas, however, if you were not part of that, your PAC has your back.

Don’t miss out on BC’s best Samosas (and more) before the holidays (the next chance is in 2023)! This start on Wednesday, November 2nd and runs through November 16th!


Some things cannot be taught; they must be experienced!

Here is a great opportunity to support the "Carson Graham Senior Secondary Dominican Republic Charity Trip & Local Community Rebuilding and student social experience" partially sponsored by the PAC.

The community rebuilding project and student social experience are where students travel to the Dominican Republic and help residents, neighbourhoods, and community groups to strengthen their communities by building sites, developing community connections, and creating an experiential understanding of the DR communities by "living in their shoes" experience!

March 8th – 17th, 2023

Here is a rough itinerary...

March 8th Day One: 
Meet at Carson Graham & Depart for the Dominican Republic 

March 9th Day Two: 
Arrive in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. We will have the afternoon off to relax and then have an evening orientation and meet our Dominican Staff. 

March 10th Day Three: 
General awareness tour in the Dominican Republic. 

March 11th – 15th Day Four - Eight: 
Project Days - Teams will rotate through the following:

• Building sites - Each one of us gets to be a part of a team that sweats and labours together to build what will bring hope and a future to a community. (Possible projects include schools and community centres, medical clinics and children's homes) 
• Community Connections - Experience the opportunity to get to know the community you are joining hands with: play dominoes, get your butt kicked in soccer or basketball, help distribute food and gifts, and most of all, celebrate the friendships and the time spent together as we end our trip with a community party! 
• 'In Their Shoes Work Experience' -  Imagine being able to step into someone else's shoes. What would it be like to work daily in a garbage dump, desperately seeking ways to support your family? Hero Holiday works alongside an incredible community of Haitian people who have no choice but to do this every day. During this experience, we provide a safe and practical way to help to triple the daily earnings of a family entrenched in poverty. By assisting them to find recyclable materials that they are able to get paid for, we are able to experience life from their perspective, and realize the power of dignity and hope. 

March 16th Day Nine: 
Day off to RELAX! Hero Holiday also recognizes that part of our name is HOLIDAY! Each team member will be afforded one day off for relaxation and/or adventure. We want you to experience some of the natural beauty and adventure that the Dominican Republic has to offer. Since 2005, we have worked with a trusted, professional, and experienced tour company called Tours, Trips, Treks, and Travel 

March 17th Day Ten: 
Fly back to Canada. 

Want to know more or be involved, please contact Rob Olson at