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Here's Your Chance To Give Back To Your Child's School

Without it costing you a dime!!

We are looking to replace the following PAC Executive Committee roles. You can only serve so long on these roles and our Secretary's and Treasurer's terms are ending in September 2021.

We are looking for parents or guardians to shadow our existing team for the remainder of the year and to assume the role in September 2021. 

If this sounds like something that you could or want to do, please connect with us


The ideal person for the Treasurer Chair is one who works in an accounting/bookkeeping position at a company or a bank although this is not required. You must, however, have an understanding of basic bookkeeping (debits, credits, revenues and expenses) and light high-level financial presentations. Read more...


The Secretary takes notes at the meetings (executive meetings, general meetings, and the AGM). The secretary transcribes the notes into minutes. Then the meeting minutes are circulated amongst the Executive Committee and once approved, they are posted on the website by the Communications Chair. Read more...