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Hurry... Last Chance!!
PUT ON BY THE CARSON GRAHAM DRAMA DEPARTMENT, Rob Walker of the Drama Department and the students of Carson Graham, created a play and the senior drama class secured rights to this rousing comedy before it has been signed by a publisher! You only have 4 shows left to attend!!
The play is called "No Substitutes" and the premise is this: " all know the feeling when an unexpected teacher starts the class... The teacher of an Earth Science class has become ill and the district has run out of budget to hire qualified substitute teachers.
The result? Grab all who apply! 
Will the romance novelist convince the students to fall in love with plate tectonics? Can the single parent control their toddlers? Will the spy believe the teacher's note is from the teacher?  Fair warning, there will be a clown.
"No Substitutes" is an hour-long comedy about this, often very funny, experience.
This character-based comedy is a family-friendly show for ages 9 and up and all tickets are $10.