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A huge thank you to the wonderful volunteers who did an excellent job serving as our 2019/2020 PAC Executive. 

We are excited to welcome the following parents as a 2020/2021 Carson Graham PAC executive.

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED: June 7, 2020 | LAST UPDATED: December 11, 2020

Chair | Rene Cravioto

SecretaryLucy Cayuela 

Vice-Chair | Farhad Mehrkhodavandi

Treasurer | John Taylor; elected by acclamation
(this role opens Mid-2021; if you are interested, please contact John Taylor by email.)

Communications | William S. Dickinson

DPAC Rep | Genevieve Lauzon; elected by acclamation

Members at Large | Genevieve Lauzon, Nadine Rogers and Sebastian Mantilla

*The following positions are vacant and looking for a parent or guardian to join, is this you?

The CGPAC Treasurer chair opens becomes vacant mid-year 2021 — we need your help! Have you been wanting to get involved with your child's education, help foster and put in place better school/teacher/parent communications & relationships? We'd LOVE to talk to you!

Do you have accounting or bookkeeping skills? Please contact John Taylor by email.