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This unique online workshop allows parents an inside look into the world of our North Shore youth.

About this event

“Let’s Talk Shop” is a facilitated evening event that brings parents and youth "together," via Zoom, in a confidential, respectful and safe way. The evening offers parents a unique inside look at the world from a youth’s viewpoint.

The evening has two components:

  1. A parent workshop that delivers relevant, foundational information about youth development, and
  2. A facilitated event with the youth, where the only requirement of the parents is to listen.

During the event, trained facilitators will ask the youth questions on life areas such as stress, relationships, peer difficulties, mental health, substance use, and how the pandemic has affected them. Parents will also get the opportunity, if they choose, to ask and answer youth questions with the help of the event facilitators.

Youth who are participating in this event will be drawn from a wide variety of sources across the North Shore. They are specifically chosen for their ability to express themselves and the variety of perspectives they offer, and their commitment to volunteer their time to speak to you is courageous.

Due to the intimate nature of this event, all attendees MUST ensure they can participate in a private, confidential space without distractions, and all attendees will be asked to leave their cameras on for the duration of the event. Attendees may be removed from the event if they are not able to fulfill these expectations.

All attendees are welcome to eat dinner during the event. 

Register Here:

Additional questions can be directed to Nicole Kennedy, Prevention Educator, at