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Special General Meeting

March 29, 2023
Hi Parents,
You are invited to a PAC Special General Meeting.
This meeting is an unscheduled meeting that has been called by the Executive Committee to address the need for a teacher to purchase a specialized printer and create an ever-evolving need for real-world and practical experience in the world of art and expression. This meeting should be very short as the agenda is a single item in scope.
That said, if you have an additional item that cannot wait until our May 10th AGM, now is your opportunity to bring it forward.
DATE: Wednesday, March 29th
TIME: 7:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Please register here to attend and vote on the funds needed to achieve this:

Thank you!
Your PAC Executive Committee,
Farhad, Curt, Simone, Azadeh, William, Sabrin, Stephanie, Marlas, and Omar