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This new website has just been relaunched by Government of B.C.  

erase is all about building safe and caring school communities . This includes empowering students, parents, educators and the community partners who support them to get help with challenges, report concerns to schools, and learn about complex issues facing students.

erase stands for "expect respect and a safe education"

Erase website

Services and Information Topics

Online Safety

erase online hurt embrace being yourself

The internet is a great tool. It can also expose us to dangers like cyberbullying, identity theft, online predators or scams. See how you can stay safe online.

Mental Health & Well-Being

erase stigma embrace understanding

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being. We need to take care of our mental health because it's an important part of our overall health.

Bullying & Violence

erase bullying embrace kindness

Bullying is intentional and repeated behaviour that makes others feel uncomfortable, scared or hurt. Learn what bullying is and how to stand up against it.

Substance Use

erase substance abuse embrace healthy choices

Many people use drugs or alcohol. It's important to know what happens when we do. Find out how to stay safe and talk openly and honestly about using drugs or alcohol.

erase: The Story

building safe school communities

Read about the erase strategy and find out what you can do to help create a safe and caring school.

Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity (SOGI)

erase discrimination embrace diversity

SOGI stands for sexual orientation and gender identity. It's an inclusive term that represents everyone. Learn more about SOGI and how to promote it at your school.