BCCPAC continues working with our education partners, the Ministry and the provincial health office in bringing forward parent concerns and issues to the provincial table, while continuing, as we have from the beginning, to take our medical/science lead from the public health office. Since school started, we have posted updates on social media which include useful Q&A with answers to questions. They are all posted on our K-12 Recovery Resources page and we strongly encourage you to read the updates and familiarize yourself with key documents.


Understanding Community Gaming Grants for DPACs/PACs

We partnered with Gaming branch staff last spring and have a 90 minute session recorded for all to watch, review and share and it includes a Q&A session. The recorded presentation covers a program overview, revisions to the DPAC/PAC Guidelines and the Capital Project grant, advice and examples of eligible uses of PAC funding, and commonly asked questions.

We strongly encourage you and your whole PAC/DPAC Executive team to review these resources, especially the CGG presentation from April. You will find them very helpful.

Access the presentation. See our Resource page with Q&A and FAQ documents, current guidelines, tutorials etc.