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Reporting on Student Learning in the Classroom

The Ministry of Education is proposing changes to how and when student progress is communicated to parents and caregivers.

This public feedback period will run from Sept 27 to Nov 5 2021. Respondents will have an opportunity to rate components of the policy and provide written comments and suggestions.

Students and parents/guardians/caregivers need to receive regular, clear communication about student learning throughout the school year. To help ensure this information is provided consistently from K-12, the Ministry is replacing three different policies with one, unified K-12 Student Reporting Policy. This new policy is aligned with the curriculum that was introduced beginning in 2016 and will ensure parents/guardians receive information about:

  • student progress in each subject area the student is currently studying
  • areas of significant student growth and opportunities for further development
  • student attendance

The policy will also give students a voice in their learning by requiring student self-assessment and goal setting to be included in reports home.

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