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#AdultingIsHard, and for young adults, understanding how to best approach all the challenges of life can be daunting. That is why your Carson Graham PAC has partnered with Tackle Tomorrow to present "Real Life 101"!

Real Life 101 is a virtual course that's targeted to students grade 10-12 and new grads. The course focuses on the applied skills needed to tackle tomorrow by preparing today. Don't let your kids leave the nest without being prepared.

This event is the last PAC-sponsored event for students this 2020-2021 school year. 

This is a FREE virtual workshop for Carson Graham Students. We will be covering the Resume Topic from our Real Life 101 Course. The content is recommended for grades 10-12 but all students and parents are welcome.

BONUS: All attendees will be provided with a 25% off PROMO CODE that can be applied to their "Real Life 101" course registration covering the remaining 5 Modules. (Credit, Taxes, Insurance, RRSP & TFSA, Wills). 

Event Date: JUNE 15
Event Time: 7:15-8:45 PM
Virtual Doors open at 7:00 PM
Recommended for grades 10-12 but all grades welcome

This is an MS Teams event and you can register to save your spot and get your login details. 


Please note that THIS EVENT STARTS AT 7:15 PM SHARP so don't be late!!